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Our Journey

One which has only just begun – Stay tuned for the next steps


Our SAOR events team spring into action and begin launching large scale events across the globe. Our coaching continues to expand and we add more value for our clients through digital/physical support tools within our resource hub. We are exactly where we need to be and are well placed to support large scale business expansion of others. We now have team members looking after mystery shopping, admin and much more. SAOR is ready to help support your freedom.

Feb – 2021

SAOR hires and takes on a new talent in the European region, who begins to support our global member base under the Member Success Manager role. Johnny Finnan joins the team with an amazing track record in business and a massive want to help. 

Mar – 2020

The fitness industry takes a major hit with the COVID lockdowns with operators needing to adapt their business, close their doors temporarily and look at new ways to engage and support their member base. SAOR commits to supporting regions most affected and is able to help harder in affected regions. The mission does not change.

June – 2019

The Fitness Business Forum series goes global and SAOR begins to run business seminars to bring the local connection and engagement in the regions which we work. The forum adds immense value to the guests and allows us to further the SAOR vision of fitness, future and freedom amongst our member base and beyond. COVID kicks in at the beginning of 2020 which slows the event space but doesn’t stop us!

June – 2018

SAOR Expands and now is rolling out their programs, business coaching and support across 5 countries on three different continents. We work across all sectors of health; from big corporate gyms to small independent crossfit boxes, mental health advocates and various other allied health providers.

Feb – 2017

SAOR begins working in two continents immediately and leveraging technology to support this expansion. We begin consulting to some of the largest brands out there and our list of clients grew and fast! Spurred on by our clients early results, we go even harder.

Nov – 2016

The Membership Mindset is launched to directly help individual trainers and smaller fitness brands, great reviews and passionate response encourage the foundations of SAOR. The brand SAOR is formed in 2016 and begins with the publication of its key philosophies. SAOR is formally live and is formed to deal primarily with small fitness business problems. Seeing the same issues in different regions the best way to fix it was to publish our book (or so we thought).

Jan – 2015

The constant questions about best practice and how to’s push him to develop a method to respond and help. The Membership Mindset – Challenges to Change goes into the thought process and begins to form, alongside this Shane gets repeated requests for business support.

Jun – 2014

Moving into opening gyms for this brand he launches a huge club, opening the doors with 2’500 members and growing this to 4’000 within a year! People begin reaching out and asking how and so the seed is sown for SAOR.

Mar – 2013

Within six months McKeogh has become one of the top sales people within a large fitness brand. He begins engaging with large scale corporates and sees that he has a knack to closing deals in the Corporate space too.

Oct – 2012

Shane McKeogh (SAOR Founder) moves from Ireland to Western Australia and begins direct fitness sales roles learning the intricacies from the ground up. He seems to naturally be drawn to the conversations, the clients and the chase of sales. Bringing his sales and marketing background to this new industry, the excitement and the passion is set from this moment. No turning back now!


SAOR is derived from an ancient Irish word ‘Saoirse’ loosely meaning Freedom. Our philosophy of freedom comes directly from our name. We are committed to our freedom and yours and we will stop at nothing to get it done.

We didn’t realise how fast the brand would grow globally and with that comes some pronunciation training on our brand name – trust us to pick a tricky Irish name. Try this to be able to pronounce SAOR like a pro;

Say the following words: prayer, player, SAOR (Say-Er)


Our mission is to bring about a positive resolve in our clients whilst ensuring they avoid stagnation. We focus on the growth of others by helping them shine a positive light on their business. We ensure that we work on the sales, service and systems in your business, so that you can work on the fitness, future and freedom of your business.

Ask about us. We go all in with all of our clients.