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With SAOR Supporting you and your fitness business, you too can see the huge growth that our SAOR Members have seen! 

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We help fitness business owners grow their team leadership skills and sales acumen which in turn allows them to grow their member base without any of the ‘cheap advertising’ or going overtly promotional!


Fitness business owners around the world have grown their member base, built bigger revenue lines and enjoyed the process without feeling like sleazy salespeople whilst working with SAOR and you can too!


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Our system is based around the SAOR Sales cycle which focuses more on emotion than it does on promotion because in the health and fitness space this is truly how we can help best!

Starting any fitness program, much like you now thinking of starting a business program is not easy:

  • We have doubts

  • We have learned beliefs

  • We have fears

Sometimes we need to try something different and push beyond our ‘norms’. We are hoping you can try something new today!

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It’s also good to put a name to a face too I suppose.


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So here is what we are offering you today…


We have built a very solid position in our market and thus have been able to really help a lot of business owners exceed.


In doing so we’ve managed to grow our team and here comes the exciting part…


Based on this growth, we now have the ability to bring in more personal fitness business coaching members and hence our exciting message today.


We are opening up our business coaching program availability again today and want you to consider taking your first step with SAOR!


Of course this is not easy as you need to put trust in another and so we have added in some extra special benefits for you…


Register today for your FREE SAOR Connect session and sign up to SAOR Activate/Growth to receive:

  • Complimentary business assessment and sales systems review and an overview of our coaching programs

  • ONE MONTH FREE Business coaching on either the SAOR Activate/Growth program (Free month comes at the end of program, 3 month program)

  • SAOR “Sell Fitness For Good” T-shirt to spread the message and change your sales mindset

  • Access to the SAOR Members portal and all the other member tools

  • A chance to develop your business in a way that you may not have thought possible before!


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Simply pop in your details to learn more today! In your message, please add in a small few notes about your business and what you do.