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Nope, we have not transitioned to become a barbering blog but we want to discuss something that we see commonly in the world of health based businesses. Many times we are so busy chasing the ‘new amazing sales funnel’ that we forget to do the business basics right and I am here today to hopefully provide some reminders on those. Take it back to basics, most of the time it is actually what is required.

The world wide web is just that, worldwide and what better way to establish yourself with a positive presence than ensuring that your digital face matches with your physical one!

We have put together a great resource which we always encourage our new clients to check out and that is the Digital Persona Test.

For a moment think about how many spaces and places you are present online and then also think about how you reckon you are perceived in these places. Could you possibly improve your standing in most of these areas for free and with a small bit of diligence, the answer is YES!

Now we will highlight just three areas that you can focus on today to improve your persona greatly in less than 45 minutes:

  1. LinkedIn – Most people that know me, equally know that I blow on about the importance of LinkedIn. It is so powerful and yet so untapped as a resource that it baffles me. Now straight off the bat, I’m not saying go around SPAMming people on Linked In, I’m saying engage with your future team members, members and corporate partners. Think big here. Get your Linked In set up today and if you already have one get it branded and on point. It should not read like a CV unless of course you want a job it should immediately tell people what you do and how you do it.
  2. Email Signatures – Again, a huge missed opportunity for many! Think about two things here: professionalism and proactivity. If you sent me an email today does it tell me that you are a business that cares about how they represent themselves and does it give me something to click on that maybe will act in itself as a lead magnet? If you’ve got those two things you’re winning, if not – get it going.
  3. Google Reviews – Last but not least on this quick three piece to improve. Get your reviews happening and your business page going. All you need to do is register with ‘Google My Business’ and then follow the prompts. Once active however, ensure that you are actively pursuing reviews and most importantly responding personally to all of the reviews that you have/get, both the positive and the negative. Feedback is important and we must be grateful regardless.

You know that you have a great business or a great business idea. Well then, why not show what you know. Represent yourself online the right way with the right tools.

The business world happens not just when people enter your website or your premises, business is happening all the time on the fringes of your business, make sure your fringe is chopped!

Want to see exactly where you stand and where your online persona is at? Give this little resource a go and see how you pull up! You will 100% get an insight into areas that you should be monitoring and it may provide you with a great ‘second set of eyes’ on the business. See Digital Persona Test’ in the SAOR Members Portal under Resources and Templates.

Smile everyone sees you!

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