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SAOR Consultancy has been operating in Australia and New Zealand (and many other countries) supporting our fitness business members since 2016. We help you get the best from your fitness business by focusing on the things that allied health practitioners, personal trainers and gym owners normally don’t want to focus on.

Sales, service elements and systems. These things sound boring at first and may not be the things that you love but once you get them organised in your business, it allows you to free up your time to do what you love more (both in and out of the business!). This might be actually training people or it might be leading an organisation with others.

The personal training and gym business can be confusing on the business side. If you are sure in your path, you may follow other professionals on social, see them do something, try to emulate it, rinse and repeat. If you are asking yourself any of the below questions then we should definitely talk…

  • How do I consistently get members coming in?
  • Do I need to do a discounted offer?
  • My marketing could be improved but I am not sure how?
  • How do I get more leads?
  • Are there any ways to get better at selling and do it without feeling awkward or ‘sleazy’?
  • Is my pricing right for the market and model? Do I have room in my price? Am I undercharging?
  • Do I have room to grow my business, my brand and my reach?
  • Once I have clients, how do I keep them engaged for longer and ensure their success?
  • Is there a way to streamline my daily operations? Because right now, I am answering all the messages, all of the time and it is overwhelming!
  • Social media is important right? Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn etc…

So if you are wanting to answer these questions and many more, let’s connect. We have helped many fitness business owners in New Zealand just like you with these exact questions.

Please be advised: We do not have a one size fits all approach to our coaching and instead we take a very individualised approach to what we do with each member. Basically, you will get direct one on one access to your business coach to go through any and all of the questions, set up supports that will serve you for a long time to come and grow your skills along the way! Of course we have systems, patterns and general methods but they will all need to be adjusted to suit you.

To give you an idea of how individualised our work is, within our Irish network right now, we work with an allied health practitioner in Cork who is in the build phase of her business and beginning to hire her first team member. We are helping an online trainer from Dublin scale his online personal training business by improving his sales techniques. And we are supporting a gym business in Tipperary that is going from two gym sites to three and we are guiding their franchise model for the next years major growth plan (Watch this space!!). 

So if you are at the start of your business journey wondering how to get going or if you are in the midst of it and feeling a bit lost/stagnant or just wanting some guidance, then we can give you that direct support right now.

Fitness clients that reach out for help in an area they are unsure of (fitness/nutrition etc) see results quicker than those that don’t. Business owners that get this type of direct help in the areas that they are not specialists in also naturally see better results. Simple.

Get two weeks free coaching from our team today. No gimmicks, no quick fixes. Much like fitness and health, it is often less about the education and it is more about the accountability and consistency.

It’s hard work, it’s learning and it is consistent actions. It’s not glamorous at the start but it is so rewarding when you can actually go on a holiday and stop stressing about your business going backwards or grow a monthly membership revenue line instead of going through a boom/bust model.

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Want to consistently bring in members, keeping your current ones more engaged and fine tune your business systems?

Let's hear what Ed has to say about his time with SAOR

My business partner, Adam, and I have been working with Shane for the past few months. It has been an absolute game changer to our business. We have grown every month since joining SAOR and our work has become clearer and more focused than ever. Huge thanks to Shane for his help, support and guidance.

Kate Maher

Founder , Nebula Coaching

I only started working with Shane and SAOR at the end of 2020, but I have been hugely impressed with what he has brought to the table so far. Really excited for what he can do for my business. I was hesitant for a long time to pull the trigger on what I thought was going to be just “another expense”, but now I can really see the value in what Shane is providing and we are only just scratching the surface of what is possible for SOLAS yet. In short, it is what my business has been missing up to this point, systems and structure which is really going to bring my business to the next level. The fact the SOLAS and SAOR are both Irish words for light and freedom was just a happy coincidence 🙂
Cathal O'Shea

Owner, Solas Health and Fitness

Started working with Shane and SAOR consultancy in November 19. From our very first consultation Shane made me confident to take the leap out of employment and go fully self employed into my own gym. Since then my monthly revenue has near doubled and have gained a lot of knowledge in sales which has helped me so much. I’m never bombarded with information. Steady progress month by month which is making a huge difference to my business. Highly recommend Shane and SAOR consultancy.
Joey Ganley

Owner , Just Go Fitness

We have been working with Shane for about 8 months now and the changes in our business have been huge. Membership revenue is up substantially and more importantly he has helped us introduce and improve our systems for sales and overall business tracking! I also attended his first seminar in Cork with two of my team and we all took tremendous value from it. Looking forward to the future working with SAOR… Highly recommend. 

Managing Director, Tailormade Health and Fitnes

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Frequently Asked Questions

So what will you actually do?

That will vary for each business but roughly speaking…

We help you reset any business systems that require a minor or major reset. We will then help you implement the new SAOR systems with our direct support. These systems range from operations to sales to retention and beyond.

We will help you focus on your goal, your vision and provide the guidance and accountability that you need to follow through and achieve said goal.

Our sales focus is second to none and we will change your relationship with sales and marketing. No magic Facebook funnels just a relearning of the beautiful business basics. It is simple but not necessarily easy. You will have a personal mentor and coach from day one, they will keep you accountable, supported and moving forward in line with your goals.

I'm not great at selling can it still work for me?

At SAOR, we have made it our mission to simply help other business owners grow in confidence, change their relationship with sales and ultimately see the value in ‘selling fitness’. Selling in general gets a bad reputation and we will help you change this in you and your team. We will help you take your business from where it is, to where you want it to be.

Our tagline ‘Sell fitness for good’ means just that. We want you to see how selling can have a positive impact on your life, your team, your members and your community. This is not just an online program, not just a ‘sales system’ but a new way of relating to your business and your success.

How does it work?

You will get used to this language and term as we move forward as the key three is our review document sent after every session that will be a detailed recap for you to under-stand, review and then importantly take clear and decisive action.

You will know EXACTLY what is expected of you and of us each month based on the key three and we will progress forward based on completing each of these three items.We keep it at three simple tasks MAX as we don’t want to add workload to your business for the sake of it. The Key Three items you’ll be sent will all ultimately add value to the business and allow us to progress to the next level with you and your business.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

We work with all levels of health and fitness business operators, whether you are starting out or trying to build a franchise we have options available to suit. 

Do You Offer Ongoing Business Coaching Services?

In a way yes, beyond the 2 weeks free, we run a membership coaching model where you get access to direct business coaching services on tap (As well as lots of other features which you will benefit from). If you want to go down that path, we have options from under 53 euros per week!

Do you only work with fitness/health businesses?

Yes. We work with a range of health and allied health businesses but not beyond that. If you are in the list below, we will likely be able to find a solution for you.

  • Personal trainer/Coach
  • Gym Owner/Operator
  • Yoga/Mindfulness/Health Coach
  • Online Fitness trainer/Coach
  • Nutritionist/Dieticians
  • Massage/Physio/Wellness Professional
  • Some Other Allied Health Practitioners