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SAOR Activate


The SAOR Activate program is perfect for anyone starting out or if you are within your first 12 months of business operation. There will be so many fundamentals that we will cover and set the plans for the future in place. This program is suited to those businesses that need initial support and have between 1 – 3 employees max.

To get some more detail and see if you are suited to the program please fill in our Fitness Business Beep test which will give you the clarity that you need. Click ACTIVATE Below.

What you get?
You still get direct 1 on 1 guidance from your coach. Your coach will take you through every step of the activation process from idea conceptualisation to creation. Wanting to add in a new service to an already established business, this could also work. You will be added into our Members portal with access to all of the training guides, resources and videos that you need to start.

Who it works Best For?
Sole traders that have an individual business unit that they run themselves and simply want to take it to the next steps. Eg. A personal trainer that has commenced trading but does not really know how to grow the client base or systemise the service.

How it Works?
Simply contact us and we will take you through to the next steps if there is a good business fit. To get going we ask that you complete our fitness business beep test – this helps us see how best we can help and it gives you some great clarity to begin with.