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SAOR Expansion+


All of our SAOR Support programs have been designed to ensure solid health and fitness business growth. Programs are recommended for four months as we feel as though that is the right time to really see a business benefit over time. Much like a Personal trainer cannot guarantee immediate results in week one, we feel like four months is the perfect time to see the change in your business. Although we do have a four month minimum, the majority of our clients remain with us as we continue to support their business needs as their business needs change.

We have three varying levels of service all which encompass a personal coach as well as access to our online support services.

Based on the stage of your business we generally guide people towards different programs as the program in each is most suited for that type of business unit.

SAOR Activate
Great for a business concept that you want to get moving. Looking to take your side hustle full time or just set up and needing some early guidance. At this stage, we spend a lot of time in service development and begin to streamline your service offering. Major focus here on goal setting for success, sales and accountability.

SAOR Growth
At this stage we generally work with business owners who are starting to take on staff and move away from sole trader set up. Here we will focus heavily on your brand success, sales processes and team management. Major focus here is on sales, systemization and data tracking.

SAOR Expansion +
For clients looking to really go to the next level. Think have one physical site and want a second or third. Wanting to scale up employees and service offering. Wanting to systemize everything that is happening now within your business, this could be for you.