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By now you’ve probably seen some of our site and hopefully get a sense of who we are and what we do! If you don’t shame on our copywriting but let me remind you – We focus on the sales, service and systems in your business, so that you can focus on the fitness, future and freedom of your business. That’s it in a nutshell. SAOR Means Freedom. But what does that mean? Well, to differ people it means different things. The way we work with each client is custom. No PDF plans here (actually you do also get PDF plans but they are support documents to the training…).

Our Freedom comes packaged up maybe a bit differently…

  • Will it be difficult? Yes..
  • Will I grow a million dollar business over night? No…
  • Will I definitely get results? Depends…
  • Can I grow by my business from 40 to 120 members over 6/12 months? Yes
  • Can I become more stable as a business owner and feel happy and WAY less stressed? 100%
  • Will I be challenged to learn new things, become uncomfortable? You know it!
  • Is it difficult? Yes, for some.
  • Will I love it? Eventually.

Not a great pitch? Well it’s the truth and it’s what the people we work with thank us for most. Not selling them dreams and actually delivering on the plans. We will work with you to find out what your business vision is and let you know what is required to make it work. It’s all doable, the question is more what are you willing to do and give up.

We work with people across the globe directly in a coaching capacity and we see major wins every single week but we also see some losses. We see some missed opportunities and we certainly see some challenges, plenty challenges. But that is business. Business is challenging, sure it would be boring otherwise. I think some of us nowadays have been framed wrong, we feel as though it should be easy, it should fast and it should be by a beach…. Let me tell you from one business owner to another; it takes time, it’s hard but you can get to the beach (weather dependant)!

No magic potions here; clear direction, guidance, ideas, systems, sales training and support, to get you doing the things you love and giving you a great go at success. 

There are some basic business skills that we think you should know and grow to love especially in the health/fitness space as most gyms, massage therapists, PTs and nutritionists will know post business set up.

The Business Basics:

  1. Sales – That scary, scary ‘S Word’. Don’t worry we love this and you will too!
  2. Marketing – Kind of softer than sales, longer term usually and really great for exposure. Helps generate interest and awareness which the sales above can convert to action
  3. Budgeting – Well if cash flow is king, knowing how to manage it is the kings job.
  4. Management – Being able to manage the numbers and lead the people are two of the biggest tasks for any new business owner especially as you grow. Skills that will set you up for life.
  5. Leadership – Sounds ‘fluffy’ in nature to many but ace this skillset and watch as your business improves
  6. General Operations – The day to day items and having simple systems in place to make this a breeze! (Sometimes this breeze may feel like a gust of wind or cyclone….)

In order to grow your business and get more members/clients these are some of the simple areas that we start dialling into. Honestly, when you see some of the gaps in here and realise what they are doing or not doing in your business, you will see how easy it can be (in theory).

Think about the problem like you would say for your health or clients? Would you prescribe a yoyo/fad diet to someone who wants to feel empowered and fit or would you do it the behaviour change/support way?

The exact same thing is true of business:

  • The Amazing earn money whilst sleeping/ Fill your gym with 500 leads click funnel = Yoyo Diet
  • Nailing the business basics, becoming accountable to yourself/coach and mastering sales skills = Consistent/healthy/aware approach to food

Grow your member base or client base the right way whilst learning the right business and sales skills along the way. The best way to grow a client base is over time and by learning with each and every client. You too are perfecting your craft and business skills hopefully along the journey adapting and growing as you go. Everybody seems to want to outsource everything today and that can be useful when you understand (to a degree) what you’re outsourcing but not knowing is relying. Relying on someone else. You must rely on you.

Make the aim to learn, not get rid of a skill.

Now where is my Atkins salad, time to shred…..